This is a question I have been asking for quite a few years. As I went through International Association of Wellness Practitioners School, developing this website, lots of smaller trainings and now working my way through B-School with Marie Forleo. All I can say is that it is a ride, but the one question that seems to be just out of my reach is “who am I?” I have worked for others and worked for my husband in our own business and have worked hard at trying to understand my place in all of it. I have been a daughter, a mother, a friend, a wife and an entrepreneur. But none of this answers my ever lingering question. So what about my “A” type personality or my ability to always be misunderstood as I always say things from such a total off planet place that I have felt like the black sheep for years. Could I be the person that enjoys helping people, or that I like meditating, or the athletic individual that loves to teach Zumba and Yoga, or what about the fact that I love to teach period.
So let me see if I can sum myself up in one sentence….. I am a business woman that loves to teach others about being a woman in business either working for others or working for myself with a wide variety of subjects including spiritualism, fitness, weight loss, wellness and just how to regain my own feminine nature all the while keeping my own health intact. Is that who I am? No, that is what I do. Who Am I? I am conscious energy sharing an experience with others on the same journey.