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7th Ray Studio is a safe space of creative and co-creative energies.

We open our hearts and our space to inspire wellness to our minds, bodies and spirits through a number of activities that help us heal and share our passion.

Some of the activities include:

  • Reiki to heal and balance
  • Acutonics to heal and shift energies
  • Yoga to bring balance to the mind and body
  • Zumba to spark and enliven feminine energy
  • Wellness Coaching to balance and harmonize lifestyle and vision
  • Sound Healing to bring the human spirit back into alignment with the cosmos
  • Workshops to inspire, educate and enliven
  • Integrative Breathing to heal and release blocked energy

We envision building a local and global community of like-minded individuals to share knowledge and experiences with others, bring life back into our being, and inspire people to re-ignite their life essences

Why You Will Love Our Space

Vibrational Healing
Fitness Class

What our customers say about us

AMAZING!  What an incredible space to come and just BE!  Bonita's yoga classes are unique and full of excellent direction and inspiration. The GONG BATH by Bonita & Justin is INCREDIBLE. One of the most relaxing and invigorating sound showers I've ever been to. If you're feeling any shade of scattered, then this is the thing to get you grounded, yet feeling so lifted.  The ambience is warm and inviting, as are the wonderful hosts. Would recommend coming to any event here ... thank you so much for the experience!

Janine McJannet - Wellbeing Empowerment Coach at HealthSparks

Attended the sound healing session for the first time and it was incredible! The space was welcoming and positive. The sound healing was a life changing experience that took me on a cleansing journey,  I highly recommend it!!


Amanda Taylor

- Office Administrator

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Maria Ferguson - Stylist

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